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Another Bengal WTF? Moment

Duke Tobin, a clown who gets laughs without trying

I had a basic plan of the subject of this article, about MLB cheating, and a plan for how it might read. That’s unusual for me. Suddenly though, my plan goes out the window.

Today, maybe late in the morning, a member of the Bengal front office spoke!

Duke Tobin, Director of Player Development, part time GM, scout, etc. I like to call Duke “the guy who drafted Billy Price.” All the sports talk shows are talking about the Bengals, Joe Burrow, and the rumor that the Bengals are keeping the pick and taking Burrow. I can imagine the chaos this caused inside the Bengals office. Who is making the decision? Who is manning the phones? Should we break our five-month silence about anything football and discuss this rumor? Where’s Duke?

So they find Duke, sucking on a luncheon martini at Jeff Ruby’s bar downtown. He calls up Geoff Hobson for his official Bengal statement, “we haven’t decided that we’re taking Burrow”. In other words,  it’s not etched in stone. Make us an offer. But the way he continues makes it the frontrunning GREAT BENGAL QUOTE OF THE YEAR:

“… we’re early in the process. We certainly haven’t had any meetings to determine at this point. Those will be meetings we’ll have as we go through the process.”

WHAT???? Say it ain’t so,  Duke. What the hell are you guys doing? Don’t you work? Or did Mikey boy send you to Mississippi to scout a player? Because I would assume he’d be having meetings and discussions to plan out various scenarios for the most important draft pick they’ll ever make,  as the franchise HANGS IN THE BALANCE. If nothing else figure out how to surround Joe with an offensive line. Have you been watching the 49ers, Duke?  Their line play is so good they threw eight passes to win the NFC Championship. Remember how they ran through the Bengals this year making us look more like a recovering fat farm team than an NFL squad? The Bengals could have considered hiring Burrow’s LSU college coordinator Joe Brady, but Carolina just hired him. I guess the Bengals couldn’t have hired Brady BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T HAD ANY MEETINGS.

I’m almost approaching this Burrow situation as a sportswriter and not a fan.  For a writer, the next five months of the Bengals off-season is gonna be comedy gold. For a Bengal fan, it’ll be another kick to whatever gonads we have left. Followed by a kick to the face.

I was all in on Burrow and I love the kid. But I’m starting to waver. The Bengals need a guy to play quarterback that can run his ass off, and still throw.  That guy could be Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, although his injury record is scary.  Tua along with several more additional draft picks could very well be a smart move, if handled properly.  Therein lies the problem. As for the other article I had planned,  I’m gonna have a meeting.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rais

    January 25, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Don’t sweat Rich, the Bengals have the situation under control.
    We’re playoff bound, just not sure which year or decade.

    Bigger problem- will Joey Votto rebound and be a productive number two hitter or at least walk 100 times. If I understand the stats correctly, Suarez hit 29 homers with no one on, 12 with a man on 1st, 5 with a man on second,and 3 with a men on first and second. At least give Suarez a chance for some more RBIs

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