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Apology Not Accepted

I’ve been looking forward to turning my attention to the Reds, their productive and interesting off-season, their new players. But in the past couple of weeks, I became increasingly angry about the Houston Astros and their cheating scandal. I intended to rant and get it out of my system. 

Maybe when I get back home from North Carolina, I thought. But now, after the Houston Astros organization and players shit the bed today “apologizing,” my rant will be one of 5,000 written today and mine probably won’t be all that different.

The Astros owner Jim Crane declared the cheating didn’t affect the games, but he was sorry,  but couldn’t really say why he would be responsible, all in one minute. It was one of the top five terrible sports press conferences ever, from an organization that specializes in them. An organization that had a couple of months to get their stories straight and their apologies written.

Astros players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve puked up about 45 seconds of the most insincere remarks since, I don’t know. Look, I don’t even want to waste my time writing about these bums. This is a huge stain on MLB brass, who came up with a farce of a report,  \tried to cover their knowledge up, knew the Astros were cheating, kept lying, did nothing. Then slapped the Astros hands.

That’s a great lesson for kids, youth teams,  high schools. Hey MLB, you think this is over? We’re in the bottom of the first of this ordeal. By the time it’s all played out MLB might be in the sports equivalent of getting on the helicopter and turning around giving the victory signs. Where are the umpires in this? They didn’t hear banging trash cans a few hundred times a game? Did they ignore it, was that under MLB orders? As for the Astros, they should lose their trophy, their title, their playoff money.  Put an asterisk on the whole damn year.  Altuve, who was one of my favorite players and that of millions of others is dead to me. Based on his lying and deceit and cheating he’ll not get into the HOF.  The rest of that team will be hated throughout baseball for the rest of their careers by fans and players alike. They’ll be fastball magnets.

They owe all of us real, sincere apologies, so we can loudly and rudely tell them, “Sorry. Apologies not accepted.”

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