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Bauer sucks

On Sunday, Trevor Bauer saw Tito Francona marching to the mound to relieve the starter after the right-hander gave up his seventh run to the powerhouse lineup of the Kansas City Royal (they are 29 games under .500). Instead of thanking the two time World Series winning manager for removing him from the embarrassing performance, he acted like the five year old he is and chucked the ball over the ‘410 center field fence of Kauffman Stadium. It appeared that with that throw, went Bauer’s trade stock but, boy, were we wrong.

The Reds went shopping in the bargain bin and still overpaid. Cleveland swindled their way into turning Bauer from damaged goods into getting Yasiel Puig, Franmil Reyes, Logan Allen, Victor Nova and Scott Moss– all for a guy that pitches over half of his games against the worst teams in baseball. 

Bauer’s game log this season. Thats a weaker than the Buckeyes non-conference schedule.

Seriously, Bauer has thrown 24 games this season, and has only pitched against a team with a winning record seven times. In fact in the last two months the Tribe have won seven games he has started. Those seven wins went like this; three wins against the worst team in baseball, the Detroit Tigers, two wins against the Royals, who once again are 29 games under .500, and two wins against his new ball club, the Reds. He pitched just two games against a team with a winning record, division rival Minnesota, and lost both times. In May he went 0-4 with a 5.50 ERA. In that month the Indians won a single game– a 14-7 victory over the Orioles in spite of Bauer giving up seven runs.

Someone call the call the cops, the Indians got a steal. It’s remenscient when they traded Bartolo Colon for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips back in 2002. For Bauer, who has turned in an ERA of four every season besides the last they received five guys. Puig who has put 22 big flies over the fence this season, with a slugging percentage near .500. Franmil Reyes who is fifth in the NL with 27 home runs himself. Logan Allen, who is admittedly struggling in his rookie season. Victor Nova, who is hitting .330 in rookie ball. And finally, Scott Moss a left handed starter that has kept a respectable ERA near the three-range. All for– Trevor freaking Bauer.

Bush did 9/11? Why, Trevor, why?

Bauer sucks. He is one of the MLB players that I would file under the ‘Bad Guy’ category™©. Go on to google dot com and type in ‘Trevor Bauer twitter’ and have fun with reading that looney toon’s thoughts. The dude missed an ALCS start because he hurt himself playing with a drone (which isn’t as bad as Joel Zumaya missing the postseason from a Guitar Hero related injury). He wrote BD 911 on the mound before a game, to make a statement that Bush did 9/11? He threatened to fight acclaimed baseball writer Keith Law.

But the worst case came when he tweeted a girl over 80 times in 24 hours just because she said he was her least favorite ballplayer. He kept tweeting her after she told him to stop multiple times. 

Am I the only one not blinded by this weirdo? He isn’t the front line arm that he is made out to be, considering he has one full season with an ERA under four. Is he good? Sure. Will he help the Reds over the next season and a half? Probably. Is he worth two top prospects and Yasiel Puig? Nope. 

Only time will tell if this will work out, but right now it looks like a dud.

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