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Buckle Up

Hey, sports fans. I haven’t written much as events are unfolding.
 Really, what could I say that Don Lemon hasn’t already said? Ha! I refuse to believe people actually get their news from that guy.

Anyway, I don’t plan to go out again for weeks so I’ll have plenty of time to write. I hope to take everyone along as I write my story of this once in a generation event. I hate that my kids have to live through this. I’m in disbelief that our spring calendar of sports is canceled. All of it. And I’m staggered that a few weeks ago we were enjoying a very robust economy and the stock market, which has crashed. A recession or depression seems unavoidable. The speed of this event is frightening, as is the uncertainty. I wonder if this is what people felt like when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Life changed forever that day.

I came to a bit of a realization today, and it’s been helping my overall paranoia. Of course, I want to be careful, go through every preventative step possible. I have enough zinc lozenges to choke a cow,  enough over the counter medicines to start my own pharmacy, food for several weeks. Plus close to a case of Clorox wipes.

But – I know I’m gonna get the virus. I think almost everyone I know in Cincinnati will get it. We have no immunity to it and it’s already here. I also think I’ll recover from it, although I’m 63.

Despite diabetes,  which is very well controlled with no insulin.
The implications of everybody getting sick at once is scary,  as they’re gonna be treating patients in the old Rinks parking lot on Hamilton Ave. Next to the guys selling Persian rugs and jewelry. We’ll be wrapped up like old fashioned TV dinners, nurses will be meth tweakers looking for a few bucks, and all the jewelry and teeth they can steal. Despite all that I think I can fight back from the abyss.  I’m still healthy enough to play golf,  I’m never short of breath, and the 3-foot bong I smoked in college has me uniquely qualified to take advantage of my super capacity lung power. I’ve reached a certain peace with this realization.  It’s gonna happen. We all gotta die of something. I don’t think this is my time. I don’t think this is any of my family’s time. Let’s hang tough gang.  I couldn’t be playing rock and roll any louder than I am right now. That’s the ticket. Peace out until tomorrow.

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