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Chatterbox 2.0

25 days until we turn one. Quite frankly when we started we had not a clue what we were doing. Are we a newspaper, blog, radio station, live tv… do we do paywall or no paywall? Do we go for serious, comedic, laid back, or straight-laced professionalism? Ultimately, we just decided to be ourselves, and I’m not exactly sure where that lands, but it did resonate with a significant amount of people.

I’m proud as hell of our team. We didn’t do everything perfectly, but I can tell you we cared and loved the labor. We were about all the right things, and we found our niche. Corona knocked us down… but I’m glad to say we’re back. .Now it’s time for Chatterbox 2.0.

So what’s the plan? Let’s break it down.

High School Sports

We knew going into this that prep sports was going to be a main focus. We did not expect to get the resounding appreciation, viewership, and overall satisfaction it would bring. We love Friday Nights, Loud bands in hot gyms, and we can’t wait to be back, better than ever.

Live Broadcasts

Our flagship product will be our live coverage of prep athletics. We’ve invested significantly into developing multiple crews, equipment, and something the end viewer will appreicate. We’re excited to share our broadcast partners starting August 1st.

Streamlined Platform

A few things have always bothered me about local sports. I had to bounce around like a pinball to find what I was looking for. Twitter for scores, Conference sites for schedules, radio to listen, and maybe the schools student-led broadcasts to watch but finding which website that was on seemed like finding Waldo. So it’s time to start housing this info in one place. We have the data. A whopping 93% of our users accessed our content from their phones. However, we didn’t have a mobile app. That’s going to change.

Chatterbox Live Mobile App

Our iOS, Google Play, and Roku application will always be a work in progress. We’re committed to building these platforms until live game broadcasts, shows, news, scores, schedules, etc. all live within our mobile app. We’re hoping to turn our application into a one-stop-shop for all your local sports needs.

Expected Launch (Late July)

Whats Next

I’ll be honest. I don’t want to limit Chatterbox Sports. Are we mainly a high school sports brand… yes. However, I’ll be damned if we stop there. So who knows, Chatterbox 3.0 might be here before we know it.

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