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Cintas Center Craziness: Reactions from ‘District Day’

When I got home last night I had to take a deep breath. Partially because I spent 12 hours in the Cintas Center yesterday, but mainly because I don’t think I took a single breath since the third quarter of the St.X/ La Salle game. 

It was a day filled with game-winning shots, fiery coaches, bombastic student sections and of course fantastic basketball.

Let’s swan dive into the four games

La Salle/St. X

There are plenty of opinions out on the world wide web about the buzzer-beater.

He didn’t get the shot off, that is concrete– we have proof. How in the heck could a referee see that, though? Take the world’s greatest referee and I’m not sure he/she could catch that one-tenth of a second. We don’t have replay, so what are you going to do?

What is maybe the worst part of the controversy is that it takes away from what could have been the greatest basketball game I’ve ever seen. The talk is shifted from the positive of basketball at its purest form, and subjected to negativity. That’s not what anyone wants.

Regardless, here are some knee jerk reactions to the game.

The Bombers played the first half like they were getting a live-force from the big blue X in the middle of the floor. Kobe Rodgers completely took over the first half, and was as impressive as any player who took the floor Sunday.

La Salle simply didn’t have any quit in them, coming back from a double-digit deficit to win in overtime. Was there luck involved? Undoubtedly. As a person I respect once told me, those “lucky” moments seem to happen to the same teams year after year. To have luck you have to be in the right place– and the Lancers fight got them there.

Lakota East Beavercreek

Last year at the district championship Alex Mangold was sidelined with an injury. This year he stared at the rim from the charity stripe, down one and with under two seconds remaining.


The Thunderhawks won as Mangold, who went 31 minutes 57 seconds without scoring, came through in the clutch. It wasn’t the easiest win that East has ever had, as the Beavers defense stymied the Hawks for much of the game. Luckily East plays great defense too. In a game that went back and forth like a see-saw, the Thunderhawks lived to fight another day.

Moeller Springboro

Well, I’ll admit. It’s very hard for me to see another team beat Moeller. It’s certainly possible because this is basketball and they aren’t the ‘96 Bulls, but boy it’s hard to imagine.

Springboro and Moeller were tied at 11 with a minute left in the first quarter. The halftime score was 39-11 in favor of the Crusaders. 

They’re just too much. If you have seen them play, you understand what I mean.

We will see what happens in the Cintas Center this week.

Lakota West Centerville

“I’m a bit sad. Actually, I’m lying I’m quite devastated” – Stephen A. Smith – Reid Maus

I’m not very good at the whole being unbiased thing, and I was an unabashed Firebirds fan.

There was this notion that they were playing with house money, and I refuse to believe that. They were a District caliber team and they showed it this postseason.

This team was exciting to watch. Watching Julian Mackey or Cater Combs pull up a three brought a lot of joy to the Lakota West faithful. Coach Leon will be quick to tell you how bright the future is, but these seniors laid the groundwork.

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