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How Far Can Bauer Carry The Reds?

Earlier this year I wrote in CBox about Trevor Bauer, and compared him to Clint Eastwood. He was killing guys on Twitter and in quotes, particularly the cheating Astros. He had strong opinions on MLB’ s unending lack of common sense. He has not relented, and just blasted MLB on Monday for not making St. Louis play games which might change the Reds’ seeding. He also questioned why Reds families can’t attend the playoff games while other fans can. By now Bauer can slam down his whiskey, holster his pistol, and saunter out of the bar leaving a trail of dead. My mythical Bauer as Clint caused me a bit of concern as I wrote earlier this year. While I loved the way Bauer went after those who would do wrong, I worried Bauer would let his emotions get the best of him. As it turned out the chip on his shoulder carried him to a Cy Young Award and the Reds to a winning record and a trip to the playoffs. He was nasty and unhittable coming down the stretch, staring down pressure with an itchy trigger finger caressing his rifle. Bauer starts for the Reds tomorrow and their hopes ride on his outing. If the Reds can get a couple of early runs, and Bauer is at his glaring, strutting best, then all things are possible for this team. They sense his intensity, his will to dominate, and nobody wants to let him down. It’s how you win, and it’s what the Reds have lacked. I don’t know how far Bauer carries this club, but I know Clint ain’t lost a gunfight yet.

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