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I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Twenty members of the front office will contribute towards tonight’s 2020 draft, which includes 12 scouts. One general manager, one player personnel coordinator, and one family member call the shots along with ownership. During difficult circumstances, these scouts have been crisscrossing the country to find talent, and build their franchise into this new decade. Unfortunately, this is NOT the Cincinnati Bengals I’m describing.

It’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. A franchise that is all in to win championships, and yet rarely does. Because it’s really hard to win a Super Bowl. As for my Cincinnati Bengals, they go into tonight’s draft not with 20 football people,  but 7. Not with 12 scouts, but 2. Two!

Mike Brown says their coaches scout for them. Great. Because the coaching was so exceptional last year. So now Joe Burrow becomes the Bengals number one pick and franchise QB. Even they couldn’t blow this one. It’s been five years since the Bengals chose Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher.  Ogbuehi couldn’t even play his first year, he was hurt. Yet somebody judged him to be worth the wait. This decision, along with the one to let Andrew Wentworth go, pretty much gutted the team. Throw John Ross in there and the carnage continued. And then finally,  with LeMar Jackson, last year’s MVP,  on the board ready to replace Andy Dalton, the Bengals took years off my life by selecting Billy Price. As owner, I might have considered adding more front office help at that point. 

Last year’s number one Jonah Williams returns to the O line after injury,  and the Bengals are expected to draft another lineman this weekend to shore things up for Burrow.  We’ve yet to see Williams play but he best be very good – Joe Burrow is counting on him. 

This draft format, or TV show, whatever it’s called, isn’t making me or any of my buddies happy. Too much talking, the show isn’t moving fast enough,  and I’ve had enough of the “we’re in this together” videos.  This was the first sports-related show in weeks and I was hoping for some escapism.  Not tinkling pianos. Maybe I just don’t fit into the demographic anymore.
It’s been suggested Joe Burrow can save the Bengals franchise. He’ll have to worry about saving his own ass first. Nobody can save the Bengals except Mike Brown. The Bengals finally went into the free-agent market.  They’ll need to do lots more if they want to win championships. Can your team win a Super Bowl Mr. Brown? I don’t think you have it in you. More draft tonight,  some very important picks coming up. And we can also start to see what kind of team Zac Taylor and his staff want to build. If anything might need saving its Zac Taylor’s job.He’s got to coach his butt off this year.  This Bengal season looks more like a wing and a prayer to me, with the usual spring optimism. They just don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I’ll enjoy the optimism of Lance, and Lap, God bless ’em. And as always I’ll hope they’re right

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