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Overloaded and Underwhelmed

This weekend was stuffed with sports action (including a Saturday of terrible college football games-but a nice UC win no one could watch),  and with the Bengals meeting Pittsburgh tonight in the Toilet Bowl it ain’t over yet.

Both teams are looking at tonight’s game as a must win. I thought,  as most Bengal fans did, that last week’s game against Buffalo was a must win game, in terms of making the playoffs. I suppose tonight is must win just to stay relevant in 2019, and to keep the team together. A loss means rethinking Dalton, trading Green for draft picks, possible tanking for a number one pick. We’ve seen this movie before, raise your hand if you believe the Bengals would know what to do with a number one pick if they had one. They draft a great QB and then trot out another dirt cheap, totally crap offensive line to block for him. Kinda like now.

I watched the Browns trounce the Ravens in Baltimore yesterday, and I was impressed at how much time Baker Mayfield had to throw, and how well their line blocked for Nick Chubb. Mayfield should be a fine NFL quarterback, and kudos to former Browns head coach and Bengal coach Hue Jackson for keeping him on the bench and playing Tyrod Taylor instead. How Bengal of Hue. The Bengals decision making with their offensive line over the past five years has killed their prospects for this 2019 season. They drafted a number one pick then he got hurt. How Bengal of him. After that it’s Andre Smith, Billy Price, and a guy they found at Golden Corral. Tonight will be a nice look at Price, and a decision on whether he can play in the NFL. I’m predicting a brutal Dalton sack because of a Price missed block, as his career spirals downhill. Beyond that, the Steelers should out-scheme the Bengals, show better linebacker play, make a special teams play and take the victory.I’ve been waiting for the new interference replay to screw the Bengals, as it’s subjective and a perfect chance to favor the Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs over NFL whipping boys like the Bengals. Tonight is the perfect opportunity for a big play to be turned over by some Bengal “interference. “Finally, the Bengals will turn the new Steelers QB Mason Rudolph (replacing the injured Big Ben) into a new star, at least for one night. I think Bengals D keeps them in the game,  with poor red zone performance and another big Dalton mistake at the end making the difference.

Pittsburgh   27

Bengals       17

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