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Pirates puds pounded

Leave it to Major League Baseball. Everybody knew that Clint Hurdle and his band of fools were coming to Cincinnati; that a brawl was a certainty.  David Bell told MLB months ago after Pittsburgh threw behind Derrick Dietrich and hit Eugenio Suarez for the tenth time that the Reds had enough.

Hurdle’s brilliant game plan was hit a Red first,  then sit back with that alcoholic leer on his face while the umps “warn” both teams so the Reds couldn’t retaliate.  What Hurdle didn’t count on was Amir Garrett deciding to make a couple of Pittspuke players spit teeth, while David Bell was ready to knock Hurdle’s chaw down his throat. Finally,  in his last official act of what now has to be a Reds MVP season, Yasiel Puig decides he’d like to take on whatever Pirate Garrett left standing, with back up from Joey Votto.  One of the best base-brawls I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of a player I’d want to tangle with less than Puig. I’m gonna miss him.

Now, let the sanctimonious cluck- clucking begin, start the handwringing, the fines and suspensions.  You know who’s not getting fined? MLB executives aren’t fining themselves for ignoring a dangerous situation, allowing Reds players to be thrown at without having a way to retaliate game after game. These guys play again tomorrow afternoon. Both teams will be “warned” before the game. Cooler heads should prevail,  for now. If Pirate outlaw behavior isn’t addressed permanently,  it’ll be go time very soon.  The Pirates might want to travel with a team orthodontist, or maybe Joey Porter.

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