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Reds Win 7-1 & Initial Thoughts

For the first time in years, I was actually excited to watch baseball. Whether it was my son being of age to have interest in watching the Redlegs, the idea of a competitive ball club or the pandemic withdrawals… I was actually excited.

That was until I seen the lineup?

Why not just play the best guys? Is this a analytics thing, because I’m not anti-analytics, but at some point, do we ever just consider the psychological impact of pulling the platooning? I’m not going to rant about this because it was a beautiful first night of baseball… but seriously.

We got Shogo sitting the bench every time a LH pitcher starts? Child please. I’m hopeful the millions in Japan who woke up in the middle of the night to watch Shogo play, actually stayed up to see him deliver a HUGE hit.

Just put him in the leadoff spot, and forget it until there’s a sincere issue with him facing a lefty. Let’s not put it in his mind he has trouble with left handed pitchers. I mean, Bell did let Schebler stay in the lineup for about three weeks last year, and he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.. So why not give Shogo a bit of a cushion here.

My worries about the lineup quickly faded when I seen the quality at bats up and down the lineup (outside of Matt Davidson who seemed very nervous). I’m already going to earmark the “Tiger King” reference if the Reds are able to win 5 of 6 against them, or maybe just maybe all 6 to start the year off.


Hey, let’s not take too much from one night. It was just 9 innings against a team who picked first in the MLB draft for a reason. However, I have good feeling about the attitude in all these guys. For the first time in a while, I don’t see any players out there playing for themselves, a contract, or popularity. It’s just a matter of winning. We have pros, and not prospects… big difference.

Expanded Playoffs

Have to bring this up…I hate it. The idea of the best team in baseball is going to have to play a 3 game playoff series with a team who might be sub .500 is an absolute travesty. I was really looking forward to the 60 games making MLB feel more like College Football in regards to every game matters during the regular season. Now… it’s like the NBA. Have a decent season, and you’re rewarded. I love all the rule changes… I really do. So it’s not like I’m the old guy who hates change, I just want the playoffs to feel like a big accomplishment. This year, it won’t. I really hope the Reds don’t go 45-15, and lose a 3 game series to the Brewers who are 28-32 and finished 3rd in the division and season is over. That shouldn’t even be possible.

The Best Twitter Offered

Thats Funny.

Well, I look forward to tomorrow. Someone let Bell, I got the lineup for next two series. Leave it be and let em play.

  1. LF Akiyama
  2. 1B Votto
  3. 3B Suarez
  4. 2B Moustakas
  5. RF Castellanos
  6. DH Winker or Ervin
  7. CF Senzel
  8. SS Galvis (Farmer better be ready if Galvis can’t hit .250)
  9. C Casali or Barnhart – whoever the P prefers

Feels good to see sports you care about again. Let’s do it again tomorrow just bit earlier. Reds are slated to toss the first pitch at 5:10pm local time, two hours earlier than traditional, and one hour earlier than Opening Day.

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