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In Apocalypse Now,  Captain Willard arrives at Colonel Kurtz’ compound and finds Captain Richard Colby, the man who was sent to kill Kurtz prior to Willard.  Colby is dazed, he has joined the natives, he wordlessly fingers his rifle with blood-soaked fingers. Cincinnati Sports fans know this look. We had it when Buster Posey hit his home run to ruin the Reds playoff hopes. We had it when Jeremy Hill fumbled. We had it when UC blew a 20 point lead in the NCAA tournament. In fact, we keep this face on most of the time. Colby wrote a letter to his wife, which Willard found in his file. “SELL THE HOUSE, SELL THE CAR, SELL THE KIDS. FIND SOMEONE ELSE. FORGET IT! I’M NEVER COMING BACK. FORGET IT!”

This may have been the exact thing I said while leaving the house after Kenyon Martin broke his leg. Why does it matter now? Because it’s buy or sell time in Major League Baseball. And every sports guy in the country has weighed in on their team and whether they should add players to enhance their playoff run, or sell their players and continue that long journey up the river into the Heart of Darkness.  And that is your Cincinnati Reds. The Reds 2019 season was doomed from their awful start.  The team had moments of fine play, they have terrific pitching. Poor offense and lack of run production has kept the Reds in last place most of the year. They are horrible in one run games, where getting the big RBI hit is key.

So what to do now at the end of July? You gotta go Colby on this. Sell. Sell them all. Puig.  Roark. Rasiel Iglesias. Anyone else that somebody wants,  just not your best young talent (Senzel, Suarez). The Reds must keep rebuilding,  adding young talent,  keeping the payroll down hoping for that one magical year where the young talent can take us to playoff glory,  before we have to watch that young talent get their big contracts somewhere else. Small market baseball. The Horror. The Horror.

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