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Sometimes sports ain’t pretty

Sports reporting can be ugly. Thursday night I was looking through my eye patch after cataract surgery number two (shout out to Dr. Rick Abrahamson, my dude). I watched mostly UC, but also kept tabs on 15 year old Coco Gauff advancing in the US Open, Aristides Aquino breaking an all time record hitting his 14th homer of August, and Raisel Iglesias somehow losing his 10th game of the season.  And parts of The Shining. And parts of BYU-Utah till 2:30 in the morning.

At 5 A.M. I’m still wobbly,  patch on, it’s dark,  I’m trying to pee somewhere near the toilet,  my wife is yelling at me to hit the toilet,  I’m like, “hey, you have surgery, watch 12 hours of sports, grab a handful of vicodin, slap a patch on your eye and see how you do in here!” I got a curse in return. I decided to start writing this article despite the early hour while all the action was fresh in my mind. Good thing I did because when I woke up again at 10 A.M. I thought I’d just dreamt it all until I saw this unfinished article and the disdainful look on my wife’s face. Ok, marital discord aside this is what up to the minute  (ahem, or next day) sports reporting can be like. Ugly.

That will be be my lead in to the UC game analysis. That was an ugly,  crazy game with lots of twists and turns, penalties, mistakes, turnovers, penalties, momentum changes, horrible announcing  (thank God for the always dependable and often spectacular Dan Hoard on radio), because I didn’t know what those TV guys were talking about. UC had a sure win until they didn’t but then they did,  right around the time Grady spilled the Advocaat on Jack Torrence’s jacket. I didn’t think UCLA looked very good, not related to UC’s defense. They were undisciplined, didn’t run plays to offset UC’s rush, and didn’t stop UC on third down enough. Until they did,  with the disputed Warren fumble in the fourth quarter. I thought the ball was out, but the video was inconclusive so UC caught a break.

There are several teams that would have beat UC last night,  including Ohio State and UCF. Still, there was a sense that UC has some stellar talent on the field that can create wins and excitement for the Bearcats this season.
While Madeira’s Caty McNally lost to Serena Wednesday, she’s still in the spotlight playing doubles with Coco Gauff. They won a first round match fairly easy and play the second round over the weekend. Meanwhile Coco plays number one seed Naomi Osaka Saturday. That could be one of the loudest, most entertaining matches of this year. If Coco can hang close that place will be going nuts. How many 15 year olds in the sports world can already go by their first name for the rest of her career? Caty McNally can be a solid pro. I like her game more than CoCo Vanderweghe, who she’s compared to. It’s much more diverse, and she’s great at the net. Good luck to both rising young American stars. 

Friday night, patch off, Reds postponed  (speaking of postponed, it looks like a bunch a MLB and other games might be affected by Dorian until late next week), bad football, Djokovich bouncing back from injury over some tomato can, LPGA. And on Becoming a God in Central Florida, which isn’t as weird as the superb Lodge 49 but it’s close.

I am not gonna be able to root for Michigan State for any reason. Too many people are still there that were involved or had to have known about Larry Nassar.  I think Penn State totally cleaned house and I still have problems with them. Michigan State hasn’t cleaned house.  Now, THAT’S ugly.

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