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Weekend Sports Update

Sports fans!! This is the weekend sports update and I’m Dickie Freeze, ‘Mister Freeze’!

Huge weekend so let’s get started! Up to West Chester, and the finals of the $1,000 Steve Ravioli  Memorial Cup Putt Putt Classic. This was never in doubt as we see defending champ Jerry “Cramp” Smith use a two wall bounce to drain this putt, and here he is rolling a thirty footer straight in over challenger Rex Harvey, who is dressed in his usual black. There have been questions recently about Harvey and the weight of his putter.  He flung the putter into the lake right after his win last week,  he said it slipped but see the clip for yourself. Dubious at best. The super talented Harvey has quite a temper as he threw an epic tantrum even as he was learning golf as a toddler. It’s a moot point this week as Jerry Smith takes the crown. These two thirteen-year-olds will meet again in two weeks over in Colerain, at theHome City Ice Open along with a fieldof 14 boys and two girls. But for this week, Cramp is champ!!

Today four champions met at Full Throttle in beautiful Tri-County, hard by the highway, in the first annual Go Cart Challenge, sponsored by Full Throttle and Kellogg’s. And little Sammy Bronstein was Grrreat today as we see him spinning out Jimmy Raketine in lap number two, then passing two others as he breezes to victory. He just missed a lap record and promises to be back for the outdoor season next month at the season opener at the Eastgate Fun Center.

We got darts next from Habit’s Cafe, this is the City Championship! Habits took over this tournament after several shootings at the Rustic Tavern last year, in a tournament that never had a winner but did have several felony charges levied. And football fans think THEY have intensity! We got 16 competitors, lots of beer drinking fans,  and the air is thickwith hops and vapes and side bets. My kind of tournament! Here’s the winning throw from Hefty Williams, literally knocking another bullseye off the board with his own powerhouse bullseye throw he calls the “shitstain.” Not my first choice Hefty but I can’t argue with the champ! He was gonna stay for an interview but he left suddenly as a woman came in the side door that some fans have identified as his wife. Whoa Hefty! Good luck with that!

Well sports fans, I think that covers the highlights from this weekend Next week we’re at the famous Vogue Cafe for the “Yo, Dog, Put Your Quarter Up There” short table pool tournament. The tourney ended in controversy last year when challenger Raul from Carthage put a cigarette out on Gary Ball’s face, blinding him and giving himself the title. You Tube video of that incident is legendary. Raul isn’t in the country anymore, and according to friends Ball is “upstate” so the field is wide open. This tournament has always been lively as one year veteran Tony  “Stoney”Brooks threw a flaming shot onthe eventual winner, “Fat Charlie” Siegle. I can’t wait to bring you highlights from this and more as the sportsexcitement rolls on! This is Dickie Freeze, Mr. Freeze, saying good night everybody!!!

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