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You Can’t Fire The Team

When I wrote on October 2 that the Washington Redskins job was a coach killer, I didn’t know that by Monday morning coach Jay Gruden would indeed be fired. On the other hand most baseball people expected the Phillies to fire Gabe Kapler right after the season. The Phillies underachieved with a big payroll including Bryce Harper, who might be a coach killer himself. Kapler had lots of injuries to deal with but also was running a toxic clubhouse and had several other issues. He was fired yesterday.

The Phillies, Angels, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Padres, Royals and Pirates are all looking for managers right now. They might be joined soon by the Dodgers, because Dave Roberts just blew their series with the Nats with some of the strangest pitching decisions I’ve ever seen in the late innings, including mis- using Clayton Kershaw and leaving closer Kenly Jansen in the bullpen until the game was out of reach. It’s not Roberts’ first postseason gaffe either. Now the best team in baseball is out of the playoffs. The usual suspects are being named to manage some of these clubs, including Joe Girardi, Joe Madden and Buck Showalter.

I used to think it would be nice to have an experienced manager who has won before to manage the Reds. But then I looked at the actual players Bryan Price and now David Bell have to manage. Almost all teams looking for a manager are trying to take a lousy team and make them better by hiring one guy instead of a bunch of good ballplayers. The Redskins are no different. So far the Bengals have looked severely out-coached. I’ll try to remember to not blame the coach… yet. The one coach that might be on the hot seat soon is Freddy Kitchens. The Browns and Baker Mayfield are at the bottom of most offensive categories, and have looked undisciplined and ragged. With expectations so high I’m not sure Kitchens gets a bunch of time. I’m also not sure Mayfield is a franchise quarterback. But he’s gonna be around a lot longer than Kitchens will be.

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